Cost of Enrolling in Continuing Education Programs

Standard Continuing Education course fees are based on course length and the category in which a particular course is placed. Policies and fees are subject to change at any time during an academic year.

Fee Categories

  • Courses with hours between 1-24 -- $70 per course
  • Courses with hours between 25-50 -- $125 per course
  • Courses with 51+ hours -- $180 per course
  • Technology Fee (if applicable) -- $5 per course
  • Materials Fee (if applicable) -- Fees are variable but usually range from $5 - $10 per course
  • Job related courses for public law enforcement personnel, firefighters, emergency medical, or rescue personnel  (paid or volunteer) -- *No Charge

*G.S. 115D-5(B) permits a waiver of extension registration fees for training courses for volunteer firemen, local fire department personnel, local rescue and lifesaving department personnel, and local law enforcement officers. To apply this fee exemption uniformly, the following stipulations are made:

(a) Only those courses which can enhance firefighters, police officers, rescue or lifesaving personnel in the performance of their duties can be exempted from tuition or registration fees (all other non-job related courses will require the applicable state-mandated charge if taken by firefighters, police officers, rescue or lifesaving personnel); and

(b) “Local” personnel is defined as city, county, or state personnel; therefore, private organizations, U.S. military personnel and other federal employees must not be granted tuition waivers for extension or curriculum courses as they are not “local” personnel.