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International Policies & Procedures

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International Policies & Procedures

Below is a simplified list of Davidson County Community College policies and procedures.

Please read though these items carefully before applying for a trip.

Emergency Procedures

All participants must notify trip leaders of injuries or doctor’s visits that take place during the trip abroad; these incidents will be documented. All participants are required to fill out an emergency contact sheet and notify trip leaders of any changes.

Health & Safety Concerns

All participants are encouraged to take precautions necessary for health and safety. By participating, participants agree that all trips require them to be in reasonable physical health and shape. Participants need to be able to meet the physical demands of the trip, which can be more rigorous than those to which they are accustomed. Many trips include a great deal of walking. Additionally, DCCC recommends that all participants heed State Department travel warnings and not endanger either themselves or other trip participants.

Course/Credit Policies

All DCCC study abroad programs are credit-based, and at least one course is associated with each non-community trip. Participants enrolled at DCCC are required to take the class associated with the trip in order to participate.

Health Insurance

If participants do not have health insurance of their own and if it is not provided through their trips, they are required to purchase health insurance on their own. Participants should be prepared to pay up-front for fees incurred at the site of an emergency hospital visit even when those funds may be reimbursed at a later time.

Liability policies

All participants in DCCC Study Abroad opportunities must agree to the DCCC Study Abroad liability policies as outlined in the liability waiver portion of the trip Study Abroad application. The College and its governing board, their members individually and their officers, agents and employees are not responsible for any personal injury, property damage or the consequences thereof.

Program Clearance

Each program has its own policies regarding cancellation and clearance. Keep in mind that programs can be canceled at any time due to insufficient enrollment or other reasons that may make the trip unreasonable or hazardous. If enough participants do not enroll in a trip, the trip is not guaranteed to occur.

Cancellation Policy

Participants should notify the Study Abroad coordinator and the trip leader for their program immediately if they decide to no longer participate in a trip for any reason; the trip leader will guide them through the policies of any third-party organizations involved in the organization of the trip. Understand that individual trips have their own policies on refunds, etc., but the nonrefundable initial deposit will not be returned.

Student Expectations

All participants taking part in study abroad must sign the Student Conduct regulations found in the Study Abroad trip application. Participants are expected to not engage in risky or illegal behavior and are to remember that they represent DCCC, North Carolina and the United States. The DCCC Code of Conduct will be enforced. Misconduct by DCCC participants studying abroad can lead to removal from the Study Abroad program and may, in addition, result in a decision by DCCC to impose further sanctions, such as suspension or dismissal from DCCC.