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Facts for CCP Counselors

Career and College Promise (CCP) provides seamless dual enrollment educational opportunities for eligible North Carolina high school students in order to accelerate completion of college certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees that lead to college transfer or provide entry level jobs skills. Students in grades 9 or 10 who meet the CCP entrance criteria may choose from a select group of Career and Technical Education pathways in industrial technologies or engineering technologies.  Qualified juniors and seniors may choose any of the College Transfer or Career and Technical Education pathways.

Why a High School Student Should Participate

  • FREE registration and tuition.*
  • Students can get high school and college credits for completed courses.Some courses can earn them AP credits at their high school.
  • Any College Transfer Pathway courses that are completed with a grade of C or better will transfer to the 16 public universities in North Carolina as well as DCCC.
  • High School students enrolled in the program have access to all DCCC Campus and Student services such as the Library, Fitness Center, Campus Concerts, Athletic Events and more.
  • DCCC’s faculty teach all classes in the program.
  • The program can offer students a sneak peek into the industry or the desired field of study they are considering with limited financial investment and without long term commitment. It may or may not be a good fit, but either way, they still earn college credits in the process.
  • Students are better prepared for college life in the future with the advantages of knowing what it takes to be successful.
  • Students get the added benefit of transitioning from high school right into a desired program at DCCC – ahead of their classmates who wait until after graduation.
  • Career and Technical Education certificate programs can be completed while you’re in high school.

*Some program specific costs may apply

When can a High School Student begin the Program?

Students are eligible to enroll in selected programs as a high school freshman or sophomore. All pathways are available to high school juniors and seniors. Starting CCP early can lead to multiple certificates in Career and Technical Education pathways, prepare students for a career or give students a boost to complete their degree at DCCC or another college or university.

To be eligible, students need to meet the following requirements:

For Career and Technical Education Pathways

  • High school junior or senior
  • Weighted GPA of 3.0 or have a written recommendation from the high school principal
  • Demonstrate college readiness by reaching the prerequisite benchmarks for the chosen pathway

For College Transfer Pathway

  • High school junior or senior
  • Weighted GPA of 3.0 in completed high school courses
  • Demonstrate college readiness in English, reading and math on the SAT, PSAT, ACT, PLAN, or Accuplacer

For Selected Career & Technical Education Pathways Available to Underclassmen

  • High School freshman or sophomore
  • Minimum ELA score of 3, 4 or 5
  • Minimum Math I grade of C
  • Weighted GPA of 3.0 on high school courses (sophomores only)
  • Minimum Math 1 EOC score of 3,4 or 5
  • Recommendation of the middle/high school principal

How do Students Apply for the Program?

Interested high school students should work with their high school counselor to determine eligibility for a program. Students enrolled in homeschools or other non-public high schools should contact Jane Black at 336.249.8186 ext. 6178 or jcblack@davidsonccc.edu.