There are two types of endowments which provide annual awards: Student Support and Program/Services Enrichment

Fully Endowed Student Support 

 Richard Stokes Adderton & Catharine Proctor Adderton Scholarship

Barbara & Paul Albertson Honorary Scholarship

Catherine Ann Anderson K-14 Scholarship

Joseph Claude Anderson K-14 Scholarship

Tom Asbury Memorial Scholarship

Automotive Motors of Thomasville Scholarship

Camille Mendenhall Autry Memorial Scholarship

Bank of North Carolina Scholarship

Ruth Myers Beck Memorial Scholarship

Wessell & Virginia Bennett Scholarship

Dr. & Mrs. James P. Bingham, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Pat & Shirley Blakley Scholarship

Breeden Insurance Scholarship

Breeden Insurance Services Scholarship

Thomas G. & Mary Link Briggs Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Samuel R. Bright Scholarship

Carl & Carol Brinkley Scholarship

Carol Brinkley Honorary Scholarship

W. W. & Lois Leonard Brinkley Memorial Scholarship

J. Bryan Brooks Honorary Scholarship

Dearl L. & Betty Graham Bunce Endowment

Thomas H. & Madlyn G. Burwell Nursing Scholarship

Business & Computer Technology Student Scholarship 

Susie C. Campbell Memorial Scholarship

Charity League of Lexington Scholarship

Chesapeake Performance & Leadership Scholarship

Janet Russell Clark Honorary Scholarship

Robert E. & Ann T. Cole Scholarship

Todd Cook Memorial Scholarship

Elvin Ray Copple Scholarship

Pauline & Coy Copple Scholarship

John B. Craven Memorial Scholarship

Dacotah Foundation Scholarship

Dacotah Foundation Student Leader Scholarship

Dr. Robert M. Dacus, III Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth F. Dauch & Willie V. Davis Memorial Scholarship

Wade W. Dauch/Elizabeth & Arthur Pierce Memorial Scholarsh

Davidson County Community College Alumni Association Scholarship

Davidson County Community College Art Department Scholarship

DCCC Student Government Association (SGA) Scholarship

Davidson County Voiture # 1097 40 & 8 Scholarship

Diebold, Inc. Scholarship

O. A. Dudley Honorary Scholarship

Duracell Scholarship

East Davidson Class of 1967 Memorial Scholarship

Marguerite Ebelein Scholarship

Charles M. & Julia C. England Scholarship

Enterprise Eastern Star Chapter 363 Scholarship

Enterprise Masonic Lodge No. 752 Scholarship

R. Murphy & Laura Mae Everhart Nursing Scholarship

Ruth Yokley Everhart Scholarship

Faculty/Staff Merit Scholarship

Frances Farmer Nursing Scholarship

Donald Farthing Honorary Scholarship in Mathematics

Doak Finch Foundation Scholarship

Doak Finch Memorial Scholarship

Thomas A. Finch Memorial Scholarship

Stephen Taylor Forrest Nursing Scholarship

George Dewey Gallimore Scholarship

Felix Gee Memorial Scholarship

Mildred & Felix Gee Scholarship

Kathie Goodman Scholarship

Googe Family Scholarship

Green Printing Foundation Scholarship

Zeb & Winnie Green Scholarship

Nancy Goolsby Hairston Scholarship

Mary A. Hamil Scholarship

Marlin & Ham Hargrave Memorial Scholarship

Charles D. Harris Memorial Scholarship

Charles Y. Harris Memorial Scholarship

Christine Y. Harris Scholarship

Navy SEAL Joshua Thomas Harris Memorial Scholarship

William C. Harris Memorial Scholarship

Diana DeLapp Hege Scholarship

Hekman Furniture Scholarship

Dallas Herring Memorial Scholarship

Henry Hilton Scholarship

E. Bruce Hinkle Memorial Scholarship

Edgar Bruce Hinkle Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Emery & Billie Sue Hollar Scholarship

Bobbie Holton Memorial Scholarship

Peggy K. Hooker Memorial Scholarship

Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Hoover Scholarship

Jane Leonard Hudson Nursing Scholarship

George L. Hundley Memorial Scholarship

Rebecca Barnhill Hundley Honorary Scholarship

John & Barbara Hunnicutt Scholarship

David Thompson Hutchins Memorial Scholarship

William E. Inabinett Scholarship

Wade W. & Opal C. Johnson Scholarship

Johnny R. Kepley Scholarship

Kimberly-Clark Endowed Fund

Maria Beck Kirkman Scholarship

Mildred M. Koontz Nursing Scholarship

Kimberly Lambeth Scholarship

William E. Lang Scholarship

Silas B. & Sue D. Langfitt Scholarship

L. Ardell & Edna Lanier Endowed Scholarship

George Lashley Memorial Scholarship for Criminal Justice

Lexington Board of Realtors, Inc.Scholarship Trust

Lexington Civitan Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Lexington Home Brands Nursing Scholarship

Lexington Rotary Club Woodrow McKay Memorial Scholarship

Lexington Sertoma Scholarship

Joyce Collie-Earl Lindberg Scholarship

Mary Lindley Memorial Scholarship

Henry & Etta Link Memorial Scholarship

Lucy Lopp Nursing Scholarship

Grady E. & Gertha F. Love Scholarship

LSB/Davis J. Reece Memorial Scholarship

Bob Manning Memorial Scholarship

Landa Sue Markham Memorial Scholarship

Katherine Marsh Peyton Scholarship

Charles W. & Julia P. Mauzé Scholarship

Lillian Maybry Scholarship

McDonald's Scholarship

Ann McNamara McIntyre Memorial Scholarship

Edgar S. McLeod Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Woods McLeod Scholarship

Ann & Bill McMurray Student Support Endowment

Mendenhall Golf Scholarship

B. E. Mendenhall, Jr. Honorary Scholarship

Dorothy Hewlett Mendenhall Scholarship

William E. & Joan M. Mitchell Honorary Scholarship

John McD. Moore, Jr. Scholarship

Max & Carrie Moore Scholarship

Nancy Anderson Moore Scholarship

Coach Presnell A. Mull Scholarship

Mr. & Mrs. A. B. "Buddy" Myers Scholarship

Carlyle & Betty Nance Scholarship

National Tooling and Machining Association Scholarship

J. Ronald & Kathryn C. Oakley Scholarship

Hubert & Catherine Olive Scholarship

Anne B. Orren Scholarship

Jimmy & Marian Orren Scholarship

Betty McCrary Parrott Scholarship

Minnie Payne Memorial Scholarship

B. C. Philpott, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Cabell Philpott Memorial Scholarship

H. Cloyd Philpott Memorial Scholarship

Robert Philpott Honorary Scholarship

Sara Walser Philpott Scholarship

Jo Ann D. Poston Scholarship

Walter H. Puterbaugh Memorial Scholarship

Robert R. Rankin Scholarship

Lois Reich Memorial Scholarship

Willie Mae Richardson Barnes & Van Waldron Richardson Memori

Milton T. & Berta T. Riley Scholarship

Frances Peeler Ripple Memorial Scholarship

Mary & James Rittling Scholarship

Dr. H. Herman "Dean" Roach Student Support Fund

Nisbet P. & Mary Catherine McIntyre Rodgers Scholarship

Elizabeth & John Roughton Art Scholarship

Joel Wayne Segers Memorial Scholarship

Haynes Sherron, Sr. Scholarship

Everett A. Siceloff Memorial Scholarship

William T. Sinclair Memorial Scholarship

Charles & Lillie Sink Memorial Scholarship

Gracie Sowers Sink Memorial Scholarship

Mamie Yokley Sink Memorial Scholarship

Dr. W. G. Sink Memorial Scholarship

Edward C. & Sarah L. Smith General Scholarship

Edward C. & Sarah L. Smith Nursing Scholarship

Edward C. & Sarah L. Smith Student Support Fund

Eleanor Farmer Smith Scholarship

R. Bruce Smith Memorial Scholarship

Paul & Peggy Snider Welding Scholarship

Charles & Margaret Spencer Memorial Scholarship

Myrtle Link Strelitz Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Terrell Scholarship

Frank Terrell Memorial Scholarship

Mildred Yokley Tesh Scholarship

Edgar & Mildred Thomas Scholarship

Thomasville Furniture Industries, Inc. Scholarship

Thomasville Medical Center Scholarship

Ella R. Timberlake Memorial Scholarship

Eileen Frances Haney Todd Memorial Scholarship

Mary Cave Turlington Memorial Scholarship

Paula Mathews Turlington Scholarship

The Venable Scholarship

William A. & Eric D. VonCanon Memorial Scholarship

Wachovia Foundation Scholarship

Gerald O. Wagoner Memorial Scholarship

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gaither Walser Memorial Scholarship

Jerry & Bill Welborn Scholarship

Virginia McCrary White Scholarship

Willie Yokley Whitlow Scholarship

Ed & Tony Wike Student Support Fund

Shelton & Ruth Johnson Williams Scholarship

Margaret C. Woodson Scholarship Fund

Workforce Development Youth Scholarship

Juanita Yarborough Nursing Scholarship

Bruce Yokley Memorial Scholarship

Buck Young Memorial Scholarship


Partially Endowed Student Support

The Walter F. Brinkley Scholarship

Ann S. Fowler Scholarship

Charles E. Jordan Student Support Fund

Joshua Sweitzer Memorial Scholarship

Charlotte Myers Yarborough Memorial Scholarship


Program/Services Enrichment Endowments
Fully Endowed

Billings Freight Endowment for Change & Innovation

Doak & Agnes Finch Endowment for Change & Innovation

Endowment for Change & Innovation

T. A. Finch Endowment for Change & Innovation

First Bank Endowment for Change & Innovation

Felix & Mildred Gee Endowment for Change & Innovation

Hekman Furniture Endowment for Change & Innovation

Hugo & Sue Hodgin Program Enrichment

Kris Joss French Program Endowment

Grady E. Love Lecture Series 

LSB Endowment for Change & Innovation

Pearle Hege Murphy Staff Development Scholarship

Walter A. & Sandra L. Reynolds Endowment for Change & Innovation

E.C. Smith Endowment for Change & Innovation

Tom & Sandra Smith Resource Development Fund

Zachary G. Smith & Sesilee Cher Tomlin Memorial Program Endowment

Kathleen Shoemaker Swing Professional Development Fund

Barbara Swicegood Staff Development Fund

Thomasville Furniture Industries Endowment for Change and In

Thomas Library Book Fund

Mary & Bill Turlington Excellence Award for Business Facul

Wachovia Change & Innovation Fund

Jim & Mary Rittling Student Athletic Fund

Financial Aid Office

B.E. Mendenhall Jr. Building

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Financial Aid Deadlines

Spring 2014:
FAFSA Application: November 15, 2013
FAFSA File completion: Dec. 1, 2013
Admissions Application/Placement: Dec. 1, 2013 

Summer 2014:
FAFSA Application: April 15, 2014
FAFSA File Completion: May 1, 2014
Admissions Application/Placement: May 10, 2014

Fall 2014:
FAFSA Application: June 1, 2014
FAFSA File Completion: June 15, 2014
Admissions Application/Placement: August 1, 2014