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The Child Care Center will open, as normal, Monday, September 22.

Alert Message:

The Child Care Center will open, as normal, Monday, September 22.

Scholars of Global Distinction

Scholar of Global Distinction Award 

Students who complete the following require-ments will be eligible to receive the Scholar of Global Distinction Award which will be documented on their transcript. A Global Scholars Coordinator will assist students in planning and documenting that all require-ments are met. 

1. Globally Intensive Courses: Completion of 15 credits with a grade of A or B or a cumu-lative G.P.A. of 3.5 in courses designated as having globally intensive content. 

2. International Activities: Attendance at eight international “passport” events, two per semester unless otherwise authorized. 

3. Global Experience: Participation in 30 hours of global experience through travel abroad or domestic intercultural experience/service. 

4. Capstone Presentation: 10-15 minute cap-stone presentation related to the student’s participation in global learning opportunities. 

Global Scholars Application
Globalized Courses
Criteria for Faculty